A true all-rounder.

I am a Web Designer, Developer, Translator, Customer Service Manager,
Project Manager, Coordinator, Pilot, Blogger and Pizza Lover.

I love tech and Start-ups, and traveling.

Originally from the East Coast, USA, already working on my
10th year in Germany and currently flying yellow cargo planes throughout Europe.
I have worked at Zughafen and also at AFFILITIX.
You can find my some of my works at Behance,
or see what I see on Instagram .

Got a question, an idea, or wanna grab a slice of Pizza? Please get in touch!

PS: continue checking in to find out about new projects!

Zughafen Musik + Events


Product and Package Design

Designed the packaging for Nectarbar's Premium Nut Milk Bag. This is Nectarbar's first product.

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Zughafen Musik + Events

Zughafen Musik & Events

Web Design, Development, Wordpress

Designed and developed this Wordpress-based Homepage for Zughafen, a network of musicians in Erfurt, Germany.

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Schauspieler/Regisseur Eric Stehfest, Filmreihe Station B3.1

Actor/Director Eric Stehfest

Translation for Subtitles for the Film Series "Station B3.1"

This is the first movie as part of the research series "Station B3.1". This station allows us to ponder on different phenomena, feelings and conditions. Today it's "Resilience".
Director/Text/Actor: Eric Stehfest
Camera/Editing: Jan Fecke
Sound Design/Speaker: Lorris Andre Blazejewski

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